Management and Directors

The Directors and Officers of Coronet collectively have over 150 years of experience exploring for gold in and putting mines into operation. The Board of Coronet has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for mining projects around the world. The Coronet team includes members who have extensive experience working with governmental, non-governmental and community groups around the world.

Joel Dumaresq Chairman

Joel Dumaresq, Chairman

Mr. Dumaresq, has for the past 10 years worked as Managing Director of Vancouver, Canada based private equity and merchant banking firm Matrix Partners Inc. Mr. Dumaresq has a background in finance and investment banking and formerly worked for 10 years for RBC Dominion Securities, a division of the Royal Bank of Canada. Mr. Dumaresq has acted in an operating capacity for a range of companies in the mining, forestry and resource space.

Theo van der Linde, CA President, CFO and Director

Theo van der Linde, CA, President, CFO and Director

Is a Chartered Accountant with 15 years extensive finance, administration and public accounting experience in diverse industries including mining, financial services, manufacturing and retail. During the last seven years of his career Mr. van der Linde has worked with Etruscan Resources Inc. (now Endeavour Mining) where he successfully transitioned through a period of growth that involved Etruscan going from explorer to producer and ended up as the CFO for Burkina Mining Company in Burkina Faso. Before that he worked in public accounting practice with WBLI Chartered Accountants and PriceWaterHouseCoopers in Halifax, Nova Scotia where he was involved in servicing several exploration and producing publicly-traded mining companies.

Stephen Stine, PECEO, COO and Director

Stephen Stine, PE, CEO, COO and Director

Mr. Stine is a mining executive with 39 years experience in public/private company formation, acquisitions, turnarounds, debt and equity financings and mine operations around the world. Mr. Stine is a co-founder and former director of Alamos Gold where he served as COO in charge of exploration and production. Mr. Stine previously worked for Southern Peru Copper in Peru and speaks Spanish. Most recently, Mr. Stine acted as Director and COO of Etruscan Resources where he was responsible for turning around the Youga Gold Mine in Burkina Faso, West Africa. During that time, the mine doubled production and the cost of production was reduced by 50%.

June Hamilton Corp. Secretary

June Hamilton, Corp. Secretary

With over 25 years’ experience in the corporate commercial law and investment banking fields in Ontario, Ms. Hamilton moved to British Columbia in 2006 and was appointed Corporate Secretary to Longview Capital Partners Incorporated (now Resinco Capital Partners Inc.) in June 2007 and held that position until May 2011. She served as Corporate Secretary to Cue Resources Ltd. from June 2008 to May 2011, with Tanzania Minerals from November 2007 until September 2010 and with Terreno Resources Corp. (formerly Mega Moly Inc.), from November 2007 to July 2011.

Len Harris Director

Len Harris, Director

Mr. Harris retired in 1995 from acting as President and General Manager of Newmont Peru and President and General Manager of Newmont Latin America. Mr. Harris has been a director of Sulliden Gold Corp. since September, 2003, of Solitario Exploration & Royalty Corp. since June, 1998, of Golden Arrow Resources Corp. since January 2008, of Golden Alliance Resources Corp. since January 2010, of Endeavor Silver Corp. since July 2003, of Cardero Resources Corp. since February, 2000, of Carnac Resources Corp. Since June, 2001 and of Indico Resources Ltd. since April, 2006. Mr. Harris was a director of Alamos Gold Inc. from November 2003 to July 2001, Castle Gold Corp. From April 2008 to January, 2010 and Pediment Gold Corp. From September, 2008 to January , 2001. Additionally, Mr. Harris is the Chair of Resource Development Inc., Chair Emeritus of Mining, Energy & Petroleum Task Force Chamber of Americas, President of B&A Mine Services, a director of JVS Ingenieros, a consultant with H&H Metals Corp., and with Consultant Minera Titan del Peru, as well as an advisor with Vena Resources Corp.

David Kaplan Director

David Kaplan, Director

David Kaplan currently works as the Portfolio Manager of LIM Advisors LLC, managing metal and energy futures and securities for a commodity hedge fund. Mr. Kaplan previously served as Vice President for Gerald Metals from 2003 to 2004, developing the company into an industry player. During 2001 to 2003, worked as a trader for Glencore International managing copper raw materials. Previously worked as a physical trader and analyst for Glencore Ltd., trading base and precious metals, especially physical copper metal, concentrates and intermediate products directly with mining and smelting corporations. Mr. Kaplan has over 15 years experience in the mining industry.

Douglas Newby Director

Douglas Newby, Director

Douglas J. Newby has been the Chief Financial Officer of PolyMet Mining Corp. since 2005 and has been President of Proteus Capital Corp. since 2001. He has approximately 30 years of experience in the evaluation and financing of mining companies and projects worldwide. He previously served as Executive VP, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Western Goldfields Inc. (now New Gold Inc). Mr. Newby held senior positions with the investment banking firms of S.G. Warburg & Co. Inc., Morgan Grenfell & Co., and James Capel & Co.

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